TiViBi is made with love

When I discovered the world of polymer clay (April, 2011), I have invested all my savings to set up a small workshop in my parents' house where I realize accessories that I expose throughout Italy.

Every day I dedicate myself completely to experiment with new techniques and modeling clay, working hard to be able to make this passion to become a full-time job.
TiViBi sums up everything I love: colors, smells and people in my life.

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Sailor Moon Crystal tribute ^w^

Tivibi sweet jewels <3

Studio Ghibli Fanart :D

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Short video tutorial for make doll’s eyes in polymer  clay (Fimo, Premo, Cernit and so on).
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Sailor Moons saga Pins! :)

Kodama Bracelet *w*

Spirited Away Pins!

I’m in love with Studio Ghibli (and you already know that ^^ ) so I’ve created 33 pin badges with different images from my preferite movies.

You can find my Etsy shop searching for Tivibi, but anyway, thanks for sharing this pic!


Working on stud earrings today :-)
Studio Ghibli little friends

Sailor Moon 3° transformation, realized in polymer clay ^w^

New bracelets Ghibli inspired :3